Jim & Nancy WelchMeet Jim & Nancy

Jim Welch and his wife Nancy opened Welch’s Country Smokehouse in February 2006.  Jim grew up working in his uncle’s smokehouse and meat shop in the Chicago area and has many years of experience selling top quality, fresh steaks and specialty meats. 

Jim and Nancy relocated to Macon from upstate New York in the fall of 1996, and Jim went to work for Brown and Williamson. Nancy started part-time work at Springdale Elementary School when their daughter started school.

When Brown and Williamson shut down the Macon operation, Jim and Nancy had the opportunity to assess where they really wanted to live long-term and what business they wanted to be in. Jim had always dreamed of opening a meat shop, and Nancy supported his dream. They decided to stay in Macon and start a business, where Jim would put his learning from years ago, and his passion, to work.

In February 2006, Welch’s Country Smokehouse opened with Jim still working at Brown and Williamson, making jerky in the evenings, and Nancy and her father running the store during the day! By April, Jim was free to work at the store full-time, and they began to offer fresh meats as well as the best jerky anywhere all made on the premises.

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